10 Things Every Maid of Honor Should Know

Being the Maid of Honor means so much more than many ladies may realize.As the Brides confidant, there are many responsibilities you hold. So what exactly do you need to anticipate and what is your role as the maid of honor? We are glad you asked. Here are some great tips and advice to make sure that fulfill your part in your friends day of joy.1. You get the inside scoop – You get to see everything first, the dress, the invitations, the venue. Chances are you are a best friend or trusted relative and that means that you get to go along for the ride as the bride makes important decisions for her exciting day.2. A large part of her decisions may be in your hands – Remember to be considerate when giving your opinion. Don’t always go with what you would do if it were your wedding, but keep the bride’s personality and style in mind when helping her make decisions. When it is all said and done, you want her to have her best wedding, not your best wedding. Remembering that you may have different tastes is important.3. Her emotions may be in your hands too – Maybe you don’t care much for her decision to wear a short wedding gown, but you can still help her choose the best short wedding gown. Try not to be too overbearing in helping, your role is to support her decision, not so much to direct them.4. Party time! – It is usually your job to make sure that she has a great bridal shower and/or bachelorette party. She has told you her best lingerie styles, and you know her idea of a good time, so you can make sure that guests know where to shop, and how to be involved in showering her and preparing her for her newly wedded life.5. Take charge of the little things – This may come into play especially if the bride does not have a wedding planner, or someone who she has designated tasks to. Offer to do things such as address invitations, manage RSVP’s, and make sure that other seemingly minor details are taken care of so that the bride does not feel overwhelmed.6. Manage the bridesmaids – Any time there is a group of women coming together, there are usually plenty of opinions, and at times, complaints. It is your job to address these, speak with the bride and ask her what details she would like you to address when it comes to creating harmony among the bridesmaids. Be careful however not to gloat, or to make the other ladies feel like they are any less important to the bride than you are.7. Places everyone – places! – Make sure that everyone in the ceremony is good to go when it comes to the big day. Make sure to address rehearsal times, and times to show up at the ceremony, as well as issues like transportation, even makeup colors, and hairstyles. Again if there is no wedding planner or attendant on the day of the wedding, it is your job to make sure everything goes smoothly unless you were told otherwise.8. You have the answer – Be prepared to answer an array of questions from ceremony guests. It is your job to know likes, details, and how the bride wants them presented. She may not want everyone to know everything, so go over potential questions and responses ahead of time. You may be surprised at what some guests may ask you!9. Lean on me – Stay with the bride throughout the ceremony, if her lipstick is on her teeth, you should be the one to tell her. Make sure that she is looking and feeling her best. Have a look over before she walks the isle, adjust her train and veil, and be excited for her, or help her calm her nerves. Be a buffer between her and any individuals who may rack her nerves on her wedding day. Anticipate her needs and be prepared!10. Give the Groom some hints – Try to gently give the groom some nudges as to what she may be expecting on her honeymoon. Offer him some tips, but try not to be too overbearing. Ask him ‘ Would you like me to help you plan a romantic dinner on your honeymoon? ‘ or ‘Do you need any suggestions for the honeymoon?’ Tell him that his bride is excited and that she has shared some expectations with you, and that you would love to help in any way with his planning.

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